St. Croix Launches New Swim Frog Rods at the Bassmaster Classic

Catching hundreds of Mexico’s Lake Picachos bass no problem for St. Croix rods

St. Croix has always strived to provide bass anglers with exactly the rods they need for the situation and the presentation, from power to finesse. Now, catering to the growing trend of bass anglers fishing swim frogs, St. Croix introduces two new Frog Rods at the upcoming Bassmaster Classic in Knoxville, Tn.

Both rods are designed to work specifically for topwater “buzz frogs,” and are equally adept at managing swim jigs in the same waters that swim frogs excel, as well as traditional topwater frogs, big swimbaits, speed worms and more.

St. Croix rods are field-proven and Jesse Simpkins, St. Croix Director of Marketing, put rods, including the Legend Glass, through their paces landing 150 bass per day with many fish in the five to eight pound range. Simpkins was the guest of Billy Chapman, Jr., founder and owner of Anglers Inn International.

“My recent trip to Lake Picachos was truly remarkable,” said Simpkins. “I have never caught so many 3- to 6-pound fish. There were three separate instances where I felt I was in bass fishing heaven. Not only in quantity but size. There were two other very accomplished anglers on this trip and both stated they had experienced the absolute best bass fishing they had ever encountered. Combined with the Angler Inn guides and staff… and you understand how very special Billy Chapman, Jr’s Lake Picachos experience is second to none!”

For more information on the rods go to St. Croix.

For more information about Lake Picachos go to Anglers Inn International.