Eurasian Safari

Though Africa gets the lion’s share of the publicity, there are more hunting opportunities in Europe and Asia today than ever before. The quality of the animals taken proves hunting and conservation are working together in that part of the world. Since 1996, Shikar Safaris has been outfitting hunters throughout Eurasia with such an incredible variety of venues and species available, it is almost too much to comprehend.

Skeptical? More than ninety species in sixteen countries is enough to keep one hunting for most of a lifetime and with the ideal outfitter for finishing off a particular slam of sheep or goats of the world. Here are a few of our favorites.


Himalayan lbex-Indigenous to Pakistan Himalayan and Karakurum range in the northern part of the country. Northern areas can be reach by flight to Gilgit and Skardu as well as the Karakurum highway which is a travel adventure to remember. December to March is the best time for ibex as the snow brings them to lower areas. Hunting areas are 9.000’ - 12.000’ and average is 36”- 40” horn length. Due to the influence of hunting on local areas, there are several good community managed areas where good trophies can be hunted.


Blue Sheep-A favorite prey of snow leopards, both sexes of blue sheep have horns with the male’s growing to 32”, growing upwards then turning sideways and curving backwards. Blue sheep tend to be loners or are found in small groups usually of one sex or the other. Active in daylight hours, blues prefer to feed and rest on grassy slopes with a tendency to remain motionless when approached. As one would expect in the world’s highest mountain range, shots can be long.


Red Deer-The largest of all red deer, with the finest specimens as regards to weight and quality of antlers coming from Poland, Hungary, Romania and the former Yugoslavia. Stags weighing 600-660 pounds have been taken, as have antlers with 20 or more points and weighing more than 22 pounds (10 kg) including the frontal bone, or 26 pounds (12 kg) on the cleaned skull. The antlers are usually darker than those from other red deer. Hunting is best during the roar in September.

A fairly full season which equates to about 1/30th of Shikar Safaris’ total offerings.

Hunters are invited to come and share the countries, the camps and the wild places... and enjoy some of the world's greatest Shikar with Shikar Safaris!